Good by 2020 and a lot of hope for a better 2021!

The QSO count 2020 is about 3000 QSOs higher than 2019, but DXCC’s are really down dur to the lack of dx-peditions.

The whole covid-19 crisis has spoiled a lot of ham radio dreams this year.

The Needed DXCC List looks exactly the same as end of 2019. Still need 10 or 1 for honor roll.

The biggest highlights for 2020 are:

  1. EU #1 and World #2 WW DIGI CONTEST M/M with 2 OPS!    story here
  2. A landslide win @ CQ WW SSB as CQ3W SO(A) 15m.  story here
  3. Not yet confirmed, but most likley club champion 2020 in germany

In january I received the needle for 25 years mambership @ DARC!

In Spring I became QRV on QO-100

VHF Contest May 2020

We managed to stay healthy and hope for a better 2021.

Thanks to my wife and to my family who let me operate all the CM* contests this year.

73 and cu in 2021



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