DX Hotel

Update CQ WW 2022:

Here we go again, CQ WW CW 2022 at DX Hotel DM9EE.

10 Years straight: Single OP Assisted – Low Power CQWW CW 

I started operating the CW leg as a single OP back in 2013 with a simple G5RV an 100w. Year after year the setup improved a little bit to the point where I rented a small portable tower from the local club just for this weekend.  QSO count improved from 200 to 700 in 2017. After moving to the new place I could not place any useful antennas any more and decided to ask Carsten DM9EE if I can “play” from the DX-Hotel. This was a big game changer doubling QSOs up to 1400 – not bad for a no code guy.

2018 and 2019 1.6 Million points were good enough to end up with first place in germany, not anymore!

After claiming World Number one MM in CQWW RTTY and SOA 10m in CQWW SSB I just wanted to take it easy and do some cherry picking in the CW.

The station setup was done within a a few minutes and everything was up an running. Time for some great food @ DX Hotel, chatting, watching football and waiting for the contest start at 0:00z.

The conditions seemd much better than the last two years and it was really fun squeezing out the mult list with N1MM. There were so many mutls to chase and at times it was really slow to get through walls with 100 watts. CR3W full house was done within 10 hours. I moved to 10m to late on the first day and missed some of the early mults there. The conditions on 10m were really strange! Some near by europeans were really dificoult to hear and work, while QSOs outside of europe worked much better. There were at least 20+ non rare DXCCs that I could not get into the log. The QSO count of 1250 was exactly where it was the last 3 years, but with more mults the score improved to 2.1 Million points! Wooow, that was really fun.

Final score before log checking

RAW Scores 03.12.2022

I was able to work 138 DXCCs in total.

The QSO map looks really impressive!

Station used:

ICOM IC-7851 TRX 100w
OB 17-4 Beam 10m-40m
4 Square 80m
Inverted L 160m

Some side effects working from the DX Hotel is the great food that keeps you awar from the radio for some time every day!

I can not leave DX Hotel without having a true DX Schnitzel (TM)

Before and after the contest I also played a litle bit FT8 – with real antennas – I could not restist.

And some very small supply of Hellers Krug Riesling! (Riesling Flatrate)

Thanks for all the QSO and hope to see you again in 2023!

Thanks to Carsten DM9EE for the great hospitality and the top station that I was allowed to use.

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