Holiday style antenna

In August 2018 we have moved to a new place in order to get more space for the family. We needed a room for our second son Leon born September 2018. The new house is great, just a litle bit less space for antennas.

My first try was a 8 – 12 m fiberglass rod just next to the house with a 25m long radial about 1m above ground.

The results where destroying! Noise, noise, noise and lots of interfeerence even with 10w. A big FAIL!

The second try looks a bit more promising!

Instead of having the fiberglass rod on the ground I have installed it on the balcony where it can go up to 8m if I want, but only using 5.5m for the first tests. The main element can be removed in 30 seconds when I am not using the radio. (less eye stress for the neighbors). The radial about 6m long and 4m above the ground supported by the near by apple tree.

With this installation nothing can be touched by mistake, but BEMF is still a nightmare!

The first results look much better than the first installation.

+ The tuner tunes the antenna from 6m – 160m

+ The noise up to 30m is far less disturbing

+ The antenna will be removed when not used

+ not interfeerence with 2m/70cm vertical

– 40m – 160m is still unusable

– Still some interfeerence that needs to be sorted.

Its not great, but this antenna is way better than no antenna. Maybe I will play around with someting simetrical tuned or maybe a mag loop.

Stay tuned …. we will report more about the poor mans antenna projects!