My Station

ICOM IC-7610 new Radio for Mittelbuchen
ICOM IC-7300 as my new travel companion
ICOM IC-9700 for UHF/VHF and Portable work.
ICOM IC-2730E for UHF/VHF mobile FM
ICOM ID-51  for traveling and D-STAR 
ICOM ID-52 I just wanted the color display
HEIL PR-781  for the perfect sound
SDRPLAY RSP2 for QO-100 Downlink and wide band RX
FLEX 6300 and Maestro the new Toy to undertsand SDR better (sold)
ICOM IC-7850 for Contesting and DX’ing  (sold december 2021)
(c) DF7EE 2020
(This is January 2019 .. still IC-7000)
Shack in a rack at the old QTH!