CQ WPX CW 2024

I had a few hours to play around at CQ WPX CW 2024 with my home setup.

I am running ICOM IC-7610 @ 40w into a tuner fed 8m high fishing rod with wire. My CW skills don’t help either. I used the time (8 hours) to S&P around just to play a litle bit on the radio.

Monster Antenna 8m high – DX Wire Mast!

I am expecting a huge score detuction because I missed a ton of serial numbers. Every tim I did not get the serial on the first try by ears and CWGet i just put a “fake” number in the log. i did not want to slow down the real competitors with my poor CW skills. CQ WW is much easier, as the report is already known by the logging software.

I hope it will be 200 QSOs after Logcheck … hahahahaha!

Its only end of may, but aproaching 6500 QSOs already with DF7EE call.

I am QRV a lot to be availabe for the RRDXA 60 diploma:

Next steps:
Webinar Contest Operating

And Hamradio in Friedrichshafen

Thanks for all the support and QSOs!

Are you interested in contesting? JOIN THE RRDXA!



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