CQ WW SSB 2023 is final!

What a nice surprise two month earlier than usual!


CQ3W at CQ WW SSB 2023 is world Number 1 again!

Less than 1.5% gap between 1 and 2 and also 2 and 3 ! What a close race.

The full story is here:

It was very close, but I am happy with world number 1 scores at CQWW SSB 6 Years straight!

Thanks for all the callers and sorry for the ones I could not dig out of the QRM!

A special thanks to Team CR3W who let me use the wonderful station in Santana again for my 21st contest-trip!

See you again in October 2024!

No CQ WPX SSB for me this year, sorry!

Are you interested in contesting? JOIN THE RRDXA!



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