After I have sent about 3500 QSL Cards from january 24 till end of march 24 I am almost out of the RRDXA special event QSLs (60 Years Rhein Ruhr DX Association) and need to go for a new print shop.

I am going back to my 2023 QSL, but with some small changes. My german DOK has changed from F27 to F75 and I wanted to put the RRDXA logo onto the front. The original design was from Marcel PD.

The backside only has some minor changees. DOK and a newer version of the “wall”.

Here is the 60 Years RRDXA Design for reference.

Let me know wich one you like better!

If you are RRDXA Member – or you want to become RRDXA Member, you can order the standard 60 Years QSL from us!

If you want an individual QSL design, we can help you to do that as well!

Here is where I do all my QSL Printing:



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