CQ WPX RTTY 2021 in the books!

This time only SO20m HP Classic. LX7I is going throgh a huge overhaul process plus COVID-19 conditions made it impossible to run a Multi-OP effort.

I decided to give it a try on 20m and I am happy with the result. Without classic (24h rule) DX Cluster and 3-4 more hours of operating I guess 1500 QSOs would have been possible.

As we moved to Flexradio already last year, the remote setup was pretty easy to accomplish. It worked 100% flawless – just like beeing on site!

This picture is taken the night before the start. I was still undecided to go “classic” or regular SO 20 HP.

This is the main computer running N1MM and SmartSDR on two 27 inch curved displays. RTTY needs a lot of real estate!

In case you are wondering who is splattering 4 KHz wide: OG66X Thanks!

The third screen on a seperate computer is controling the amplifier and antennas.

Antennas at LX7I   www.lx7i.com

If I had a free wish for LX7I – it would be a south america stack!

ONE QSO with SA propably long path!

UPDATE  1.7.2021

The cometition was very close for #1 world, but I could improve from P2 to P1 after log check!

The gap between P1 and P2 is less than 2% score!

UPDATE 28.12.2021


Thanks to Philippe puting this wonderful station together.

Thanks to all the callers and sorry for the ones I could not dig out of the noise.



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  • 11. März 2021 um 10:05

    Hi Mathias.
    Ja korrekt. Das hatte ich auch mal. Einfach mal cookies löschen und cash und neu versuchen.
    Wenn das nicht hilft einfach den Betreiber mal anschreiben.

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