Rental Tower

CQWW CW 2016 – Rent a tower

For the big SSB und RTTY contests I am always trying to go to some very competitive place to play for the top seats worldwide. The CQWW CW in November has been the “contest from home” for a few years now. At home I have a very small antenna setup and it is fun to see what’s possible with literally “nothing” and 100 watts!

2015 I operated with my simple wire vertical and a G5RV. With condition being down significantly from last year I took the opportunity to rent a portable tower with a 3 element DJ2UT Sommer Beam! What a game changer!

Well, you will not win the world with it …. but the DXCC 100 diploma is possible in one weekend!


The complete setup was done in about two hours and can be taken down in less than one hour.

I operated 23 hours S&P where the rest of the time was reserved for the family, formula one, dinner and sleeping.

MAI 2017: It was good for P7 in Germany!

DXCCs worked:

It was fun all the way!

Here are some more impressions: