WW DIGI 2020 LX9DX is final

After my single operator effort in the first ever WW DIGI 2019 we decided to try a Multi/Multi operation this time.

Lots of antennas, 4 Radios, 3 Amps, 2 OPs and 24 hours …..

Alex DD5ZZ and myself arrived on friday as usual setting everything up for WW DIGI.  The contest went very smooth and we had a lot of callers on all bands. We did split up the bands that each OP would have a HOT and a quiet band at almost all times. We used simple WSJT-X and N1MM just to collect the QSOs into one log.

Unfortunatly even with 1100 QSOs MORE than ZW5B we could not beat the distance scoring for this contest. We had to settle for world #2 and Europe #1.

Maybe more luck next time!

A full story from WW DIDI 2019 is here:  https://df7ee.de/first-ww-digi-contest/

Thanks for all the callers.




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