After all the 2020 COVID-19 travel cancels it has been unclear until the last minute if my trip number 15 to Madeira would take place or not. Finally it worked out and it was real fun!

I operated CQWW SSB contest as SO(A) 15m again and band conditions before the contest looked really promising.

Day one started like a blast with 2600 QSOs in 11.5 hours but the first 3.4 hours on day tow unfortunatly did let me down a bit.

At the end I could log in 4400 QSOs!

Update May 2021: This is another world #1 score from Madeira!

Highest score of all single band entrys 2020!

Here are the countries I was able to work.

Top 10 Contries are:

Specially on day one I hade some real great rates – that was pure fun!

Thanks to all the callers and sorry for the ones I could not work out of the QRM.

Thanks to the CR3W team for keeping that wonderful place alive and even improving year by year!

Never underestimate an old man with an ICOM shirt!

…… and a simple ICOM IC-7300!

All QSOs are in LOTW!



CT9/DF7EE  LotW uploaded 3.11.2020

All cards will be sent via bureau. Direct requests via clublog.


The RAW scores suggested already that this world #1 would survive log check. 🙂

After all the SSB Pileups I also added some 2200 QSOs in FT8. Distribution is shown here:

I am adding more pictures to give you some impressions on the place.

Some older pictures are also here:  https://df7ee.de/madeira/





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