Sorry for all the FT8

It is only end of April, and I already have more QSOs as DF7EE in the log than the entire year 2023!

I am sorry for all the FT8 haters, but because of my compromized antenna situation at home I thought I would give it a go on FT8/FT4.

For the first 4 month I logged about 4600 QSOs in FT mode with 117 DXCC’s. So the classic DXCC 100 would not be a problem at all.

I managed to fill some missing bandslots with A52CI and worked TT8XX and T88RR (SSB) on 5 Bands already. Hawaii on 12m, 3D2AJT, A8OK, 7P, 7Q, BV, HI, HR,HS,HL, PJ5,VK, JA and many more to name a few highlights. It is truly amazing what is possibe with a simple 8 meter long pice of wire in the garden and less than 50 watts! Sunspot maximum is kicking in and I will remember this for a very long time. I am sorry for all the FT8 haters, but I dont belive this would have been possible on sideband. Of course with this setup the majority of the QSOs is within Europe, but there is still some decent percentage of DX as well.

The map looks really crazy!

I am really looking forward to CQ WW CW @ DX Hotel in November to fill more bandslots on the classic contest bands, but I am really overwhelmed what is already possible with a simple pice of wire!

Am using a DX-Wire fiberglass pole about 8m high and simple wire going into an automatic CG3000 tuner. Du tue my VERY nice neighbours I am not allowed to install anything at the house we rent, so I need to kep it random and portable. The fiberglass pole is on the ground and supported by the apple tree. If this is not high tec – I dont know! I would love to have a proper tower and a beam, but this is only wishful thinking here. If you know someone who rents a house with antenna allowance in the area – LET ME KNOW! hahahaha

My radio is a IC-7610 and IC-7300 sometimes for 60m. I can only run 50w due to BEMFV and very close by neighbours.

Here is a snapshot from Thursday afternoon on 12m using PSKReporter to check where my 40w signal goes:

You turn on the lights on 6 continents at the same time with next to nothing on the antenna side and low power! Anyone can do this. Maybe this is why some of the big gun guys hate FT8.

For two contests I was able to operate LX7I remotly at CQ WPX RTTY and CQ WPX SSB. Oh, dont forget 1 hour of FT4 DMC Contest!

CQ WPX RTTY only 15h or so ….. LX7I


Over all – a lot of fun with the hobby!

Here are some map snapshots:

(Europe – pretty well covered)

(USA looks OKish)

(Asia and Australia could do better)

Next Steps:

Funktag Kassel

Hamradio Friedrichshafen

CQ WW RTTY in Madeira as CR3W (M/M)

CQ WW SSB in Madeira as CQ3W (SO)

CQ WW CW @ DX Hotel as DF7EE

and maybe more ……


Helmut DF7EE

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