Multi-Function D-STAR Dual Bander

Shipping December 2021

Larger radio, larger color display, and louder audio. The ID-52A is much more than a replacement to the ID-51A, it’s a new way of communicating! An industry first, a handheld with a full color waterfall display and the ability to send photos over the D-STAR network. The ID-52A continues to support D-STAR functions with DR mode for easy access to local repeaters based on the internal GPS information, as well as Terminal and Access Point modes. Additionally, the radio only weighs a mere 10.4oz (295g) and has an 80% increase in overall volume to hear in loud conditions.

Output Power:

5W / 2.5W / 1.0W / 0.55W / 0.1W

RX Frequencies:

Wideband Receiver (88.0 – 174, 225 – 479*)
VHF/UHF Airband and FM Broadcast Receiver
* Guaranteed range: 144-148, 440-450 MHz





Waterproof Rating:




Large Color Screen with Waterfall Functions

The ID-52A houses a large 2.3″ color screen with 320 x 280 pixels (1.7″ for the ID-51A). Easily switch between black or white backgrounds. Additionally, Icom brings an industry-first to handheld radios, a full-color waterfall display. View the current band conditions to see if frequencies are open for use.

Waterfall Display Black background White background

Receive Modes

Dualwatch allows for the monitoring of two frequencies or bands simultaneously. VHF/VHF, UHF/UHF and VHF/UHF monitoring are all supported along with the new ability to decode two DV signals simultaneously. Quickly call from either the main or sub bands on the fly.

Enhanced UHF capabilities allows for monitoring of Military Airbands from 225 to 374.995 MHz and the wideband receiver allows for listening to nearby broadcast FM stations.

Bluetooth® Enabled Features

The ID-52A incorporates common Bluetooth® profiles for audio and data controls, which provide new mobility in the palm of your hand. Icom leads the way by pairing either Icom or third-party headsets for voice communications. Download the RS-MS1A Remote Control Software on Google Play to change operating frequencies, send texts, and more!

The optional VS-3 Bluetooth® headset with the large PTT button allows for hands-free operation. Additionally, users can program 3 buttons to improve operability and mobility.

Integrated GPS/GLONASS Receiver

With a GPS lock, use the D-PRS mode to send location data, as well as show received station location, distance, and direction. The ID-52A also displays current Grid Square information. This GPS position data can be used for the Position Auto Reply, Near Repeater Search and GPS log functions.

Other Features

  • microSD card slot
  • Micro USB connector
  • Improved heat dissipation efficiency
  • QSO log in CSV data format
  • Voice recorder function