2021 is a wrap!

This is it – 2021 is a wrap – Time for family and christmas now!


If you add two Contests operated at LX7I SO its more than 20.000 QSOs – so that is quiet good for another CO19 year:

CQ WPX RTTY 2021 as LX7I 20m SO turned into a world number #1 place after log check! Clean Log!

CQ WPX SSB 2021 as CQ3W was a killer this year !  Read full story here.

CQ WW SSB 2021 as CQ3W 15m was a bit of a disapointment – claimed world #2 – but the logcheck can still change that. It is very tight between the first 3 places.

CQ WW CW 2021 at DX-Hotel was fun as always! Story here…

End of the year I decided to go to a new QSL design for 2022!

Thanks to Marcel for the grafics!

Due to the ongoing covid crisis, for the second year in a row, there were no major dx-peditions on the air that created a ATNO for me. So the most wanted list stays as it is for more than two years now. 🙁

Very little change on the total DXCC numbers.

QSO Number 99.000 in my personal Log!

A few small updates on the wall of fame – still waiting for two (or three) more plaques from 2021.

Plans for 2022?

CQ WPX SSB as CQ3W is already booked.

RTTY as LX7I as always …

CQ WW SSB as CQ3W is planned.

Maybe there is Dayton 2022?

What else?

Thanks for all the QSOs and the support for the Events to Philippe LX2A and Team Madeira CR3W!

Merry X-Mas and a happy new year!

73 and good DX








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