CQ WW CW 2021 @ DX Hotel

Here we go again!

Since 2011 each year I am participating in the CQ WW CW Contest! I am not a CW operator at all, but I like the “grounding” after all the CR3W, LX7I and other efforts! Since 2013 is is always single OP assisted. I started @ home with a G5RV and added som antennas each year. With the new location and the local noise at home, I decided to go to the world famous DX Hotel from 2018 onwards.

The gap in the performance with the Optibeam @ 30m is visable, but also quality of live is great up there!

The contest was great and also a lot of DX on the bands! 90% of the time I am concentraiting on Mutlts and Bandslot and if there is nothing more to catch I am going after 3 point QSOs. The years 2018 and 2019 this was at least good for #1 in Germany SO(A) Low Power, but meanwhile that category was dicoverd my some real industry grade CW operators! 1.5 Million points is not good enogh anymore. 🙂 ALL QSO’s ate search and ponce mode (DX-Cluster/Skimmer) – not a single CQ call was transmitted.

Here is my 2021 result!

Over all I am very happy with the result and I hope to be back 2022!!!

Operating scen sunday evening – still a few hours to go! Pizza, Riesling and Radio!

It took about 6 hours for a classic DXCC 100!

Thanky to DM9EE Carsten “THE DAUER” for the great hospitality and station!

There was also some time left for FT8! hahahahhaha

Thanks to all the stations that picked me out of the pile – and yes – I will bother you again with my new QSL card!

73 and gd DX








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