2022 is a wrap

So 2022 is a wrap – we can hope for a better 2023!

QSO numbers for DF7EE are down a bit from last two years but DXCC’s are up.

CQ3W and CT9/DF7EE are almost 10.000 QSOs on top of that.

DXCC Slots look nice for 2022 – just failed to get to 1000 slots!

Totals have improved slightly too! Finally 2 ATNO’s just at the end of 2022 to get into the honor roll.

LOTW is a bit behind – i guess I need to chase some confirms!

ATNO’s for 2022 after none since June 2019!

Contest highlights are:

CQWW RTTY @ CR3W World #1 M/M

CQ3W CQ WW 2022 SOA 10m claims World #1 but should be save!

CQWW CW @ DX Hotel was a blast too!

Final score – almost 5 BDXCC with 100w!

Updated DXCC QSL List!


Thanks to all the callers and all the support from my family and hamradio friends!

Happy new Year and good DX!








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