CQ WW RTTY 2022 – CR3W

CQ WW RTTY 2022 is in the books.

Because I had to opt out from CQ WPX SSB in march, I got a week of vacation left that usually goes into hamradio activities. I asked the RRDXA CR3W team if I can join them this year as a guest operator. They allowed me on board!

Jan DJ8NK, Dieter DK4QT, Heye DJ9RR, Ron DM2RM, Tom DL6TK, Eleonoe, Norbert DJ7JC and myself DF7EE

As always there is quite some work to do for a Multi/Multi effort from Santana and the whole week was quite busy with building additional antenas, beverages and modernized station setup. Biseds all the work, we had the time to do a small road trip on thursday to Pico Aiero and Funchal with the team.

After the trip on Thursday we spend friday for the final preparations including the usual repairs.

This time it was only a smoked fuse from the 30+ year old AL 1500.

The contest went mostly uneventful, except a small glitch at the triplexer PL connector that could replaced quickly. The whole issue slowed us down for about one hour not beeing able to use the full antenna set. Maybe we lost 100 QSOs with this – but it could have been worse.  The bands were in pretty good shape, but you know that you are not the only one in Madeira anymore! Ther is CR3DX with a mega score from a fantastic loaction and others taking their QSO share in CQWW. Not everyone is comming for YOU anymore – but hey – thats the game. This year the team focused on getting all the possible mults and that really seemd to work out. We are up 650 QSOs from last year – so we did not loose a ton of time on the mults – but we could also boost the mult performance by +40 States +92 DX and +23 Zones, this is a plus of 154 mults!!! So some of the logic seems to work out! Claimed score went from 9.4 MIO to 13.1 MIO points – This is a plus of 39%!

I call that proove of concept!

As you can see – wee need imporovement on the low bands.

Final Score is world Number 1 (Update 1.1.2023)

Top DXCC’s look like this:





Thanks to the CR3W core team for having me – and yeah, I know I have a performance based mindset that not is not always appreciated by everyone. Sorry!

Short break outside

Ron DM2RM looking relaxed – but great contest performance – well done!

Tom DL6TK squeezing our QSOs on 40m – TOP!

DK4QT at work – the BOSS.

What is one thing you have to do when you are in Madeira?


As always when I am in Santana I added some 1800 QSOs to my CT9/DF7EE log – this time only og FT8. We are a DIGI team, I did not do any SSB QSOs at all. This will surley change next month for CQ WW SSB!

QSL from 2022 onwards – ONLY OQRS on Clublog. 

Thanks for the good time and all the QSOs – see you in a few weeks.

73  Helmut






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