DXCC Challenge #2003

Yesterday the J5T DX-Pedition put my QSOs with them into LotW!


This made it happen that I have finally reached 2003 confirmed DXCC Band-Slots for the ARRL DXCC Challenge!

This is the good news, the “sad news” is that some of the band slots are confirmed ONLY via paper QSL Cards and not via LotW. The count on LotW is significant less than my real total count. So I can use X-mas days to crawl on the floor in our attic to find some 121 QSL Cards out of 24.000 Cards with the missing band sopots, or ….

…. just work some more DX-Peditions that have a high propability using LotW! I think I will propably go for option number two. I have worked 9U4M, 3C0L, 3C1L on several band slots and VK9MA on 4 Slots. This does not sum up to 121 but I keep fighting!

Maybe the 2000 sticker will take a while, but i know it is actually already archived.