New DF7ZS QSL 2018

Just after CQWW CW 2017 I decided it is time for a new QSL Card for 2018, but it was not as easy than i thought!

I made a design, sent it to print and after the 5000 cards arrived I was not happy with the outcome. It has nothing to do with the print quality, it was great like all the other cards I have done with my faforite printer (WMD). The full glossy (UV-LACK) cards are so much cooler than normal glossy paper, so I decided to do it again. So glossy it is!

Also a chance to fix some small design errors from my side:


first print                                                                   new design


First try                                                                      New backside

Errors to avoid designing QSL Cards:

  1. I love shaddows, but on the first try the shaddow was to close to the DF7ZS print and therfore not clearly visibla as a shadow. It was mashed up with the font itself.
  2. Also the blue was so dark that it did not seperate well from the shadow.
  3. The free space to right just looked unfinished.

I also made a special event QSL Card for CQWW CW 2017.

This was just for fun and to post a link to my othe hobby:

Besides LotW I still love real QSLs!