After operating CQ WW RTTY from CR3W in Madeira lst year (STORY) I have decided to operate under my own call DF7EE for the famous DX Hotel by DM9EE in Holzminden.

The goals were set:

  1. #1 in Germany (1000 QSOs)
  2. Good position in Europe
  3. try SO2RUN part time
  4. have some DX in my log

So lets GO!

I arrived at the station around noon on Friday and started preperation right away. I wanted to try SO2RUN but due to the shack layout I could not rearrange radios and screens as I normally would do – so i used ICOM RS-BA1 software on my laptop to access the second radio.

Left RADIO 2 with one N1MM screen (remote) Right main Radio with two screens

I started the contest with a heavy does of S&P to get all the mults in. Sometimes waiting for your turn on a dx station I could work 2-3 mults on the second radio. This was SO2S&P not really SO2RUN, but it worked. I tried running a few times for 3 Point QSOs – but one of 100 DL stations on the band with 100w is propably not the hottes spot at all. Rates were rather poor – so back to S&P.

I managed to put in about 40 hours out of the 48 allowed, but with a ton of short breaks. A broken poti at the rotator 30m up in the air, forced my to turn the antenna manually applying 24V to the PST and visually stoppting at the direction I wanted. Hey – it worked!

One of the biggest takeways from the weekend was ESM (Enter Sent Message) using N1MM is really cool. A pity I have not started this ESM 10 years ago! A game changer!

DX Hotel is a real DX station! With 100w I was able to break quite some decent pileups such as ZL7IO on 3 Bands, Lord How Isl VK9 and some more. Totally worked 109 DXCC’s in RTTY with low power!

DXCC’s worked


What were the culprits?

  1. Having 20m and 40m on one boom is a downfall. You need this in the morning and afternoons is seperate directions!
  2. SO2RUN worked (ESM) – but did not establish any good rates unfortunatly.
  3. With 100w you need a few minutes to break through on many mults.
  4. reduced sleep did not help the flue to leave my body 🙁

At the end I have more than 1000 QSOs in the Log and 1.8 million points. This is 400k above the current DL record – I hope log checkers will be nice to me. 🙂

Final score 22:00 UTC QRT!

Thanks for all the callers and the DX station that had pations with me! So happy for the ZL7IO QSOs!

RAW score looks like this:

Thanks to Carsten DM9EE to let me occupy his shack – both IC-7851 radios – for the whole weekend! I am back at DX-Hotel for CQ WW CW!

DX Hotel info here:  http://dm9ee.de/

Are you interested in contesting? JOIN THE RRDXA!



Helmut DF7EE



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