CQ WPX RTTY 2022 was another remote effort operating LX7I.   SO 20m

This time smartlink was up and running and everything worked almost flawless until 2 hours before the end.  I must have burned one of the stackmatch relais and had to go QRT after 28 hours instead of 30 hours.

RTTY needs a lot of real setate – so I am running 2x 27 inch screens for SmartSDR and N1MM plus an aditional PC to control antenna switching and amps on the remote location in Luxemburg.

Unfortunatly I was not able to establish some of the fast runs from last year, so I need to settle for a TOP 5 spot worldwide.

Raw scores after deadline

DXCC’s worked within 28 hours

Here is a full screenshot. There were some realy bad signals on air!!!!

Thanks for all the callers – see you again from CQ3W in a few weeks.






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