VHF MAY 2020 – DF7EE

Our local radio club F27 decided to use the COVID-19 rules for the DARC CM* to play a litle bit for a good position in 2020. The big difference is – that in 2020 ALL logs will be counted and not just the best 4 (!). This has motivaded a lot of people even with small and very small VHF setups to join the game and have fun! So did i ……

One single 9 emelemt Tonna Yagi and 100w out of the IC-9700. No rotator unfortunatly, just up 2 stairs from the cellar turn the antenna – down to stairs and continue to play radio. Fantastic drill for the weekend.

My son Timothy showed up a few times, but this time, he did not want to operate himself … maybe next time.

To keep things as simple as possible I used Wincontest from DD3KU again and it worked fine as always!

The conditions, especially on day one were very poor and so I failed to reach my goal of 15.000 points.

With my location and the antenna on the balcony the pattern has some white spots. The whole north to north-west is blocked out from my QTH, but it was fun anyway.

Thanks to all the stations copied my tiny signal!





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