Neumayer III Station on QO-100

Thank you Felix Riess for the nice contact this morning with DP0GVN at Neumayer Station III using Amateur Radio Satelite QO-100!

For my non hamradio friends: The Antarctic Station Neumayer III is about 13.500km away from my location in Hanau, but we used a satellite that is on a geostationary orbit about 35.000km away. So the signal traveled 35.000 km from Hanau to the QO-100 Satellite and 35.000km back to earth @ Neumayer. Radio waves travel with the speed of light, therefore there is a small delay from about 0.4 seconds on the transmission. The audio quality was excellent – much better than a normal cellphone. 🙂…/

I also worked Felix as DP1POL on 30m CW a few days ago.

Thanks for the QSOs!




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