ICOM SP-41 Speaker Modification

I had the idea to test the upgrade modification by Phonema for my ICOM SP-41.

In the past I thought external speaker are there to only look good with very little sound improvement, so why not giving it a try?

The assembly is pretty simple:

You remove the top and bottom cover of the SP-41 and remove the plastic tube that holds the original speaker.

Than you mount the supplied speaker into the chassis and solder it to the small pcb.

After that you put all the supplied padding in. Bottom, left, right, back and don’t forget the cube! The back needed a litle cutout but no big deal.

At the end add the top padding.

DONE! Just put the covers back on and you are good to go!

Does it make a big difference? Well noisy SSB sound would not turn into a concert experiance, but I think it is a litle bit better in the bass area. I recorded a QSO and playd it back to my smartphone before and after the modification. Here it is: Left with peep at the end is original – right without beep is modified.




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