LX7I @ WAEDC RTTY 2016 claims World #1 M/S

LX7I @ WAEDC RTTY 2016 claims World #1 M/S

Very challenging conditions @ WAEDC RTTY from LX7I, but with happy end! For the first few hours we were behind S51A who had a fabulous start or we were kind of sleeping at the beginning.  At the end we were able to pile up 3.5 MIO points begging for QTCs und constantly kept pounding!


The conditions were very bad, but specially the US antennas from LX7I gave us a little edge over the competition. On 20m we use a 5 over 5 stack and on 15m 6 over 6. This seems to produce some solid signals in W-Land.


I really don’t understand why everybody seems to be afraid of online scoring? It is so much fun and extra adrenalin following the scores!


See you again next year …be prepared .. we will be asking for QTCs .. ALWAYS!




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