ICOM RC-28 with footswitch

In preparation for WPX SSB next weekend I have added a port for a footswitch to the great ICOM RC-28 USB device.

Opening the RC-28 and identifying the pin for the PTT switch.

Adding a wire for external PTT

Drill a 7.5mm hole to add a chinch (RCA) port and solder pin (red) and ground (blue) to the RCA.

Works like a charm!

Remember you are doing this at your own risk and you will lose warrenty.

I am not responsible for any damage or missbehavoir after the tweak!




Ein Gedanke zu „ICOM RC-28 with footswitch

  • 8. April 2020 um 9:52

    Helmut, thanks for this good idea!
    In additation I can recommend you a bigger and more heavier foot switch.
    Your foot switch is very small and I am sure, sometimes you search for it.
    My son (VE7FAW) gave me a very nice xmas gift:
    May be you will like it too?
    I am Ben from Witzenhausen, who meet you one evening at the concert at the TUI arena Hannover.
    Best 73’s
    Ben, DL8UI

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