IC-7610 announced

ICOM Japan officially announces IC-7610!

Source:  http://www.icom.co.jp/release/20170316/  

ICOM IC-7610 – Official announcement

ICOM will release the base amateur radio transceiver IC-7610 in HF + 50 MHz band from May 2017.

This unit adopts RF direct sampling system for signal processing. By converting the analog signal directly to a digital signal and processing it within the FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array is an integrated circuit whose designer can set the configuration) , it realizes improved transmission phase noise and excellent RMDR of 105 dB (at 1 kHz detuning). (Reciprocal Mixing Dynamic Range is an index of how much the reception sensitivity deteriorates due to blocking from a strong signal in proximity).

IC-7610  has two independent reception circuits of main / sub identical performance, and it enables simultaneous reception of two waves of different band / different modes.

Boasting high-speed, high-resolution performance, real-time spectrum scope also supports different bands / dual display that can monitor different modes. It also has a waterfall display function that displays received signals in chronological order. Also, the DIGI-SEL unit is mounted on each of the main side and the sub side of the receiver. Shut out powerful radio waves from shortwave broadcast stations. In addition, it adopts a large 7-inch full-color touch panel, realizing visibility of various setting information and intuitive operation.

In addition to high basic performance including RF direct sampling method, this machine with many new functions is an authentic HF transceiver that fascinates a wide range of amateur radio users

Main Features.


  • Further evolved RF direct sampling method.
  • Excellent RMDR: 105 dB realized.
  • Dual watch function which can receive simultaneously in different bands and different modes.
  • The DIGI-SEL unit that eliminates powerful unnecessary radio waves is installed in the main and sub of the receiving section.
  • Equipped with high-speed real-time spectrum scope and waterfall display function.
  • By adopting the 7-inch full-color touch panel, outstanding operability and visibility are realized.

Freely translated by DXZone from the official IC-7610 ICOM Japan page