My hamradio Year 2019 is in the books and welcome 2020!

Two trips to D4C, three trips to LX7I and DX Hotel for the saison finale and some dx hunting this year.

QSO numbers with my own call are down a litle bit, but its the quality that matters.

Two ATNO DXCC’s made it into my log for an overal count of 330 confirmed.

My wishlist for 2020 is quite short …….

KH4 and T33 is sceduled, but not on air yet.

This is how the band totals look like end of 2019:

The F27 DXCC Challenge will most likely be second place again – as Alex DD5ZZ was very active this year again!

Some of the contest scores are not final yet, but D4C looks like second place on both trips.

WW DIGI and CQ WW RTTY might be #1 World and WAEDC RTTY is #2 after winning 6 years straigt.

Thanks to all my friends around the world for your QSOs and Support.

Special thanks to my wife Yvonne and my boyz Timothy and Leon for the time I have on my hands with the great hobby!



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