Game over – CQWW SSB 2017

This is it! CQ WW SSB 2017 is in the books and it was fun again. I operated about 20 hours from Madeira using my favorite call-sign CQ3W from here.

3333 QSOs from Zone 33 with CQ3W

I am happy with the score, but it was next to impossible to stay on one frequency using just 500w. I was washed out of my slot several times and with very little propagation on 10m it was very very packed on 15m and very hard to find a new slot.

Lets see what it is good for!

Congratulations to D4Z and D4C for the Delta4Crazy scores. (hope they are non-assisted)

The goal I missed was to lock in a 300 QSO hour, every time I was close, something else happens to prevent the perfect hour!

Best rates 2017

Before and after the contest I made about 1000 sideband and 1500 FT8 QSOs from here signing CT9/DF7ZS.

QSL for CQ3W is via OQRS and LotW:

QSL CT9/DF7ZS is ok via Bureau, Clublog, LotW or direct.

Thanks for all the callers and to the CR3W team for all the support.