DF7ZS DX Stats 2017

Here are my end of year stats for 2017 @ DF7ZS!

Most likley 2017 could have been ended around 3500-4000 QSOs just like the last few years, but  then FT8 came along!

Overall the year was great! I worked 235 different DXCC entities and 5 all time new ones (ATNO) as well!

Still a long way to go for my DXCC honor roll. (need 4)

Another hurdel was taken in 2017. I have 2029 Band Slots confirmed for the ARRL DXCC Challenge!

Unfortunately there are still about 100 Band-Slots that are confirmed by paper card ONLY!

For the DXCC 2000 Pin I have to dig out those cards, or just work some more and hope for LotW confirmation! Propably working and waiting is better than digging through 24.000 QSL cards in carton boxes that are not 100% perfectly sorted!

My local club is running a DXCC challenge for each year where all worked bandsots are counted.

1013 points are not bad here.

On FT8 I made about 4000+ QSOs and worked around 135 DXCCs in 6 month using my monster antenna ™.

The year 2017 had also two trips to Madeira and tree trips to Luxembuorg. This adds aonther 12.000+ QSOs signing CQ3W, CT9/DF7ZS and LX7I.

Thanks 2017 for a great Hamradio and DX Year and hope 2018 will be a succesful one as well!