60 TOP QSLs lost in the mail

This is a very sad story if you care about seldon paper QSL Cards!

This stack of 80 QSL cards were sent to the DXCC field checker in oder to prove some 80 band points for my DXCC Challenge. It had two ATNO and some seldon band points that were only confirmed on paper, but never on LOtW.

The card checker processed them and did sent the cards back to me withing two days.

This is the envelope that arrived Saturday February 3rd.

Apparently the envelope was damaged and seald by DHL. I quicj inspection of the inside showed that most of the cards inlcuding the two ATNO were lost!

To name a few: 8Q, YI, D4, H44, ST2, HK, 3W, S7, VK9LA and JG8NQJ/JD1 !

The investigation by DHL ongoing for more than two weeks now has zero result.

I started to sent out new direct QSL queries for the important ones wisth SAE + 2$ + postage. Its not about the money, but I hope I can get some of the older cards back.

It would be so great if people would just upload their old dx pedition or general logs into LotW. I am well above 2000 Band points, but LotW numbers are significant lower.

Fingers crossed that I can regain some of the QSL treasures!