Monster Antenna (old location)

Living in a rental flat more often than not the question is:  “What antenna I can build, rather than what antenna do I want to build”!

I have a small space where the landlord allowed me to put a HF antenna up. Sure I would love a 20m tower with a big beam, but unfortunately that is a no go. The solution I came up with is a simple wire vertical with an antenna tuner and one elevated radial. Sure it is not a pilup breaker …. But it is better than nothing!


I call this antenna: Simple-Stupid-Wire-Vertical(tm)

The construction is basically a 12m fiberglass rod with a wire on it, a 22m elevated radial and a chineese antenna tuner! That is all it is.

A few footprints mainly from CQ WPX CW 2015 and some casual DXing shows what it can do. I worked K1N with it using 200w!







*Only 10m is done with a 5/8 modified CB Vertical