WW DIGI 2022 – LX7I

WW Digi Contest 2022 was a last minute – no preparation – just for fun decision.

I had a bit of spare time on my hands and asked Philippe LX2A a few hours before the contest, if I can remote LX7I for WW DIGI. As the reconstruction is still in process and I did not make the setup for SO2RUN I decided to go 15m low power only. I was just running off the normal WSJT-X Software without N1MM, so I am missing out on a few mults in exchange of the most QSOs in that category!

At least it was good for #1 in Europe and #4 World. We had a decent M/M effort with 900.000 ponts but got killed as well on the distance scoring.

Overall it was a fun effort and maybe back next year for a real entry!

Thanks for all the QSOs and 73 de DF7EE.

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