TOP Gadget: Spacedesk

If you are operating contests with Flexradio and maybe RTTY or other digi modes, you need a lot of space on your screen. I am using 2x 27 inch most of the time and sometimes still running out of space. Recently I came across a great tool, thanks to Dieter DJ8DS:

This is my QRL Desk and the screen on the left an middle is connected to the main PC. The screen on the right is conected to a seperate low spec PC.

Here comes Spacedesk – and it is FREE!!!

I installed the spacdesk server on the main PC and Space Desk Viewer on the right hand PC. The viewer connects to the main PC and and the third monitor acts like it is phisically connected to the main PC! Now you have a PC with 3 screens. Of course you can add more! Spacedesk plugis in seemless on to the windowns control panal and you can arrange screens just like any normal screen.

Spacedesk provides drivers for apple, android, HTML5 and PC. So you could use a cheap android tablet or phone as an add on display!

I like this feature so much I am using it on my work PC a lot!

I would be using this since years if I had known it existed!

Hope this is helpful for you too!


Helmut DF7EE



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