QSO 100.000

Today 2.2.2022 at 9:22 I have logged the QSO number 100.000 in my personal logbook!

99.999 was Mauritius on QO-100 and 100.000 was DJ9KM from our local club on the club qrg in FM.

I got my HF licence 1995 and operated as DF7ZS and DF7EE since 2019.

Here are the stats for DF7EE:

The 100.000 QSOs does not include any QSOs operated as:

CT9/DF7EE, CQ3W, LX7I, D4C, PJ2T, PJ2/DF7ZS, P41P, P40Z, P4/DF7ZS, PJ4P, PJ4/DF7ZS or D4C!

CT9/DF7EE and CQ3W allone is another 85.000 QSOs so far.

Since two years I am waiting for at least ONE of these missing DXCC’s.

I hope 2022 will give me a chance for one of these!

Thanks for all the QSOs and 73





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