QO-100 first month

I am more or less one month on QO-100 and it works very stable now.

It was a steep learning curve but it was worth the effort. I have almost 100 QSOs and 25 DXCC on this mode now and it is still fun.

I am unsing IC-9700 on 23cm into the DX-Patrol upconverter and DX-Patrol amp. This goes into a POTY feed and an 80cm offset dish.

Somehow I managed to kill the first amp I had, but after the replacement signal to noise on the transponder is perfect!

This was taken on may 28th and this alreay looks like busy times on the QO-100. Mostly it is more empty.

If you hear me CQing – please give me a call!


Helmut  DF7EE




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