VHF Contest September 2020

Almost 10 Years ago the QTH “Hohe Geba” in Jo50DO was the loacation of many UHF and VHF contest for Barney DK8ZB and myself (DF7ZS back then). It was about time to go there again for the September VHF Contest and for the CM*. This time Alex DD5ZZ and DF7EE.

We have choosen a very small setup that fits in a normal car:

IC-9700 + Beko PA 600w + 2x 9 Element portable Tonna + portable mast + Laptop for VHF

IC-7300 + Expert 1.3 + Multband Vertical by DD5ZZ + Laptop for a few contacts @ Fieldday

Here is our monster Antenna!

Just before the contest started we realized that a Multi Operator Team in on another hilltop very close to us and we will have serious trouble when turning the antenna to the west.

I know that it is a lot to ask from an out of the box Icom IC-9700, but unfortunatly we could not test the difference to a top notch DB6NT Transverter with a decent HF TRX. That would have been very intresting to compare!

However, we took on the extra challenge and focused on any other direction. 🙁

Conditions were quite good and we managed to get some decent points in our logs. I have operated a bit more than Alex DD5ZZ, but we are happy with both results.

DDD5ZZ:  209 QSOs   52.000 Km and 1000km ODX

DF7EE:  300 QSOs  80.000 Km and 850 Km ODX.

Just one hour after the contest everything was teared down and packed into the car. Ready for the road home!

Thanks for all the callers and the support!



P.S.:  Here are some videos from a much bigger setup about 9 years ago:


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