T2COW card and story!

T2COW (Large) (Andere)

Just received another ATNO QSL today.

There is actually a very interesting story behind this:

Well known world traveller, Tom Callas KC0W, had been travelling the South Pacific for a few months. Radio activity had taken place from KH8, 5W, T2, YJ and T30.

Sadly, Tom went QRT suddenly, and writes:

“Everything I own was stolen on 28 September from here in Kiribati (T30). They took all my radios, computers, amplifiers, antennas, coax, EVERYTHING. They even took my clothing & shoes. I have literally NOTHING left.”

Since this sad tale surfaced, we’ve read many comments of support for Tom – and how it would be great if some kind of assistance was offered.

September 28, 2016 – Weʼre hoping to raise £5,000 to help fellow Radio Amateur, Tom Callas, KC0W, who recently had all his equipment and personal belongings stolen whilst active as T30COW.

This was already in full swing as Tom updated his QRZ page:

NEWS UPDATE II – Tom, KC0W has updated his QRZ page:

“I have read the many supportive comments posted on both QRZ and eHam. A heartfelt thanks. Some guys have asked about financially donating to my plight. This is very generous but I respectfully and humbly decline. Us people from the Midwest are like that. Either too proud (or too dumb) to accept money without actually working for it. Please donate your time helping a kid learn Morse code if you want to “donate” anything at all. My bank wired me funds so I can now eat again. (literally) No joke, they even stole all my food. I have cancelled all future DXing activity until I return back to the USA and purchase new equipment.”