I have stumbled over some very nice looking plaques and wondered what they are worth and how to get them?

Personally I think plaques on the wall should still be something special, working 100 German DOKs or 100 DXCCs is not worth a plaque in my personal opinion. On the other hand, winning a major contest, or archiving your 5 band DXCC or honor roll can of course be celebrated with a plaque. Some people do not care about plaques at all where I call my self a little bit plaque addicted. At the end of the day you have to decide for yourself!

See also the “wall of fame”. 🙂

OK, now about this one …. W6C 9 Bands


The website offers various plaques from very easy to archive to hard to archive. Again your call!

I had to settle for working the six main continents on 9 Bands in CW mode only. I am missing arctic on 80m and 160m (shame on me) so I need to do better for the W7C some day!


The plaque by far is one of the nicest plaques on the my wall even if it is not the most precious one if you know what I mean. 😉 The quality is fantastic and it will be delivered from Russia usually within 3-4 weeks for 39€.

You do not need to send QSL cards! LotW or Clublog screenshots will do the trick. The contact with the plaque manager was very friendly and fast. I was all the time aware of the status, shipping, tracking all around my new plaque. Very good service overall!

Go and get the DX!





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