DXMaps UK (GM0PHW) prefix map on acryl

I had Michaels GM0PHW’s prefix map on my shack wall for quite some time and I really like this particular map.


I contacted Michael by email if he could print this map for me on acryl glass?

Michael was very helpful and patient sorting things out. Where to print, what size, the price and everything else … finally IT IS HERE!

With 120 x 80 cm the map is slightly bigger than the paper version you can buy and the acryl high gloss finish looks really awsome!

The resulution of Michaels source file is great – look at this tiny spot compared the the huge map:

(just a picture taken with my smartphone)

It is really a very nice add on to my shack!

Thank you Michael for all your efforts!

You find a review on the maps here: https://forums.qrz.com/index.php?threads/amateur-radio-maps-custom-great-circle-world-prefix-locator-maps.546174/ 

Now as we have sorted out all the beta test work – feel free to contact Michael if you want one too!

Some more pictures ….





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