DX March 2018

Wooow, the new year has started well for the DX World. OK, not so much for anyone who needed Bouvet but there is quite some DX rocking the bands at the moment.


XR0YD from Rapa Nui is a very activ german DX pedition. 

It was no ATNO for me, but a great oportunity to close out a lot of band slots.

I am checking every night if there is a chance for TOP Band, but it has been very noisy and without a proper beverage – no chance so far!

Picture: XR0YD Antennas from QRZ.com

3D2EU is atctive from Rotuma Island and 3C3W Equatorial Guinea continuing as 3C0W to Annobon Island afterwards. There was a DX-Pedition last year that cloed out many band slots for me, but a few are missing from both entities.

The next few days we expect TY7C Benin and TN5R Congo to get started. Also not new, but many bandslots are possible here as well.

9M0W Spratly Isl. DX-Pedition is on their way too. I would need them on 15m and 10m but that would be very difficult.

A lot to do before I am heading to Madeira myself.

73 and keep hunting