D4C CQ WPX SSB – done

This is it – CQ WPX SSB 2019 is in the books and will be recorded as World #2 this time.

We were not able to get over the CN3A advantage on the 6 point low bands, but it was fun anyway!

A lot of pictures here: https://df7ee.de/d4c-cq-wpx-ssb-2019/

This is from Andrea @ 3830.

Every contest is a different chapter and has its own character and story.

This time, a group of 7 operators aged from 18 to 80 years that never worked in such a team nor from Monteverde, gathered together by finding its way to Cape Verde. Good mood, wish to learn, experience exchange along with brand new equipment made our weekend. We have been honoured being able to host two YOTA members YL3JA Kristers Misa (20) and YU5EEA Ljubomir Zivkovic (18)as Team Members allowing them to realize a dream.

The first night we had very high atmosferic noise from 160m to 20m that fortunately decreased slowly till nothing on Sunday. 160m vertical is fantastic. both 160 and 80m too weak RX on 40m the usual struggle towards EU 20m we expecterd longer openings 15m stacks confirmed again to have been a good choice. 10m adequate for the period.

Thank you to all callers and a note of merit to CN3A team for the claimed victory. They performance showed how important is to stay focused and to hard work. Congratulations!


We will be back for CQWW SSB 2019!



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