Thanks for all the callers.

Worst WPX entry from DF7ZS ever ever ever … 🙁

No deep runs on 15m and 10m dead! With everyone only on 20m there was no space on the band to develop any good runs. I was forced out of my frequency several times by extra high power stations and jammed by IARU Band-plan warriors. Hey guys … IARU Band-plan is a suggestion and jamming is forbidden by hamradio laws!!!!!! Great that these idiot’s never identify with there calls!

No fun at all! Some serious sinus infection problems and blocked ears did not let me go for the full time. I missed 3 hours with an extra break when the ears got really bad. Missing 2000 QSOs from my 2014 entry.

QSL via OQRS: https://www.qrz.com/DB/CQ3W

Consolation Prize: