CQ WW RTTY 2019 @ LX7I

CQ WW RTTY was my 8th WW RTTY from LX7I … and a very difficoult one!

The conditions were really poor as expected and the interstation inteference was not helping either. Over the last 8 years the score had come down from over 9 Million Points to only 5.6 and it was not the bottom of the low score yet.

The station setup was flawless as we have many experiance as a team getting everything going.

Icom IC-7850, IC-7610 and IC-7700 (plus one IC-7700 spare) is the usual setup.

The contest started very slow and after a few hours we could se who is in the race for 2018! CR3DX was on, so there was zero hope for anything world #1 so we concentraded on the european competion. S51A and S50W turned out to be the bigegst threads to us. At the beginning the lead changed a few times but all of a sudden S50W was off to the races and we tried everyting to get back into the game.

After 48h the online scoreboard looked like this:

We already knew we had a small glitch (two mults) on the macine with the online score that were not correctly deleted. So actual score was actually 34.000 points lower. We were not the only ones with small score corrections as it looks like.

After day one the picture on 3830 shows only a 1.5% gap to S50W … and I am sure it will be very tight on the log check this year!

Official RAW befor checking:


In a few month we will know more…..

Thanks to the Team, Philipper LX2A for the great station and all the callers.

Sorry for the ones we could not dig out of the noise.




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