As a last minute decision I wanted to play ARRL DX SSB part time. I thought maybe 10m is a good idea!

I could have played in the unassisted category, as I was the mostly the only station on 10m from Luxembourg, but I wanted to test the self spotting rules in ARRL DX – that is why I went “Unlimited”. To make a long story short: It did not work at all! Spots from LX7I to LX7I posted on DX-Summit did not make it into the network. I tried a few times from telnet @ VE7CC but with the same result. I think there is some work to do before this works flawless.

The band opens to the US from Luxemburg around 12:00z, but with NO rates. Just a contact here and there. The first few hours on both days were dead slow. Only from 16:00z I was able to produce some QSOs. I stopped around 19:00z on both days when the rates dropped again. Maybe 20-30 more QSOs could have been done – but that would not have been the game changer.

I cant wait till Philippe is able to put a decent stack to the US. It was all a single Yagi and about 1KW.

At the end I was able to pile up 1300 QSOs and 59 Mults.

North Dakota was the only US staate missing at end of day one – and ND did not wanted to show up until at the very end on day two. Not heard any ND for 13 hours – I worked 3 in about five minutes. Thank you!

The seup with Flex Radio on 3x 27 inch screens is kind of fun to play with. Lots of realestate to view what is going on.

3x 27 inch on two PCs.

Thanks for all the QSOs and sorry for the ones I was not able to pick out from the noise.

Thanks to Philippe who let me use LX7I again!


Helmut DF7EE




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