A few days on 60m

On my new QTH the RX situation is really not the best. It is very very noise here and I have not found a solution yet.

To make “something out of nothing” I decided to give it a shot on 60m!

The noise level is S9 24 x 7 …. hard to copy anything except ….. FT8!!!

I made about 20 QSOs when 60m was allowed first in 2017 or so, but on day one there were not many stations on. I started again in August 2019 and made about 250 QSOs in one week.

With 15w allowed and the noisy situation most contacts are within Europe and only a few DX contacts were possible.

My antenna is a simple 12m fiberglass rod installed with tie wraps on my balcony and a smart tuner. There is about 12m of wire vertical and a longer elevated radial. Thats all!

Alltogether I count 45 DXCCs so far on 60m and 40 just in one week.

Again the proof is: Just do it! Make the best out of any antenna situation.




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