WAEDC RTTY number 7 from LX7I is in the books!

Conditions were better than last year, but not really great after all. We also had a few murphy strikes during the contest.

A trip to the local Hospital for DJ6GI

3 Element 40m Beam was in the wrong direction the first night

80m 4 Square went down after just a few hours

At the end we were able to break the 3 Million mark by just 2 QSOs in a very tight and tough online score race against DJ70WAE ! The guys were on our heels the whole time and for 10 minutes even passed us! Great job from the Schöppingen Crew…. I hope our 9% gap survives log check.

As always we have no clue who could be in front? Lots of people are looking up live score without posting their own scores – pants down guys!

You are missing a big part of the fun!

Thanks for all the QSOs and QTCs from the WAEDC Crew @ LX7I

The whole 48h contest we had pooring rain .. only Monday morning it has cleared up a litle bit!




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